The Feast of the Dead: Free RPG Day Edition

A prequel/starter scenario for Forts & Frontiers set in 17th century Wendake complete with pre-generated characters, historical maps, and quick-start rules. Available for free at Drive Thru RPG.

The Feast of the Dead Deluxe

A deluxe, expanded edition of The Feast of the Dead for Forts & Frontiers with rules for nationalities, classes, boons, travel, and more. Late pledges can be made here.

The Washington Trilogy

Three system-neutral miniature wargaming scenarios covering the battles of Jumonville Glen, Fort Necessity, and the Monongahela. Available November 2019.

Campaign Chronicle

Interview with Stephen W. Gurtowski

We got a few minutes with illustrator Stephen W. Gurtowski to discuss what inspires his art and what he’s bringing to his work with Campaign Games.


Through August 20, 2019The Feast of the Dead Deluxe Kickstarter

November 15-17, 2019 — Campaign Games at HMGS Fall In!