Welcome to Campaign Games

March 25, 2018

Like most things, Campaign Games was born out of the confluence of a few separate but related interests.

The first is a lifelong interest in games that dates back to the early eighties when roleplaying and war games first reached the mass market and sparked our imaginations. 

The second is an abiding interest in the history of 18th Century North America. The clash of cultures and ideas that sets the stage for the founding of the United States and Canada and the downfall of the great Indian nations is truly fascinating. 

The third is an interest in bringing the first two together to tell stories that perhaps other games don’t tell. Lesser known battles and skirmishes of the French and Indian War; the adventures and day-to-day lives of the British, French, Indians, and Provincials in the Ohio Country; the backcountry societies of Pennsylvania and Virginia during the frontier raids of 1755-56; these will all be explored in upcoming releases from Campaign Games.

Kimber, Marco, and I are just getting started, so check back often for release updates, upcoming events, articles, and more.

Until next time, happy gaming