Campaign Games at Fire in the East 2018 

by Jameson Proctor

May 15, 2018

The Battle of Bloody Run at Cold Wars this past March

Kimber and I will be running two scenarios for Muskets & Tomahawks on Saturday, June 9 at Fire in the East (NJCON). The first will be The Battle of La Belle-Famille at 10am. The second will be The Battle of Bloody Run at 2pm. Descriptions of both follow below.

La Belle-Famille 

Just two miles south of Fort Niagara in the hot summer of 1759, François-Marie Le Marchand de Lignery’s French relief force for the besieged French garrison at Fort Niagara fell into Eyre Massey’s British and Iroquois ambush.

Bloody Run

The Battle of Bloody Run was fought during the height of Pontiac’s War in 1763. In the early morning darkness of July 31, Captain James Dalyell led a surprise attack on the Indian encampment at Sandusky in an attempt to break the siege of Fort Detroit. Pontiac caught word of the attack beforehand and was ready for Dalyell as he and his men crossed Parent’s Creek. It would have been a massacre had it not been for the efforts of Major Robert Rogers and his rangers.

If you're in the region, come refight these battles of the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s Rebellion. Both scenarios will be part of upcoming Forts & Frontiers Battles scenario books by Campaign Games. As such, we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can register for Fire in the East here.