Winter Quarters

February 5, 2019

Washington at Valley Forge, Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art

As severe winter cold has gripped the Great Lakes and the Northeastern United States, we here at Campaign Games have found ourselves encamped in Winter Quarters — much like the armies of 18th century North America.


But, we haven’t been idle. Instead, we’ve been using this time to prepare for the upcoming campaign season by putting our newly formed publishing company in order so that we can bring you the first releases in our line of Forts & Frontiers gaming products.


Forts & Frontiers, our D&D 5e based historical roleplaying game set in 17th and 18th century North America, will see its first release in The Feast of the Dead adventure module. Available on Free RPG Day (June 15) in friendly local game stores worldwide, The Feast of the Dead will give game masters and players the opportunity to play out the shared story of a Wendat sachem and his trading party as they escort a Jesuit priest from Trois-Rivieres to their remote village on the shores of Lake Karegnondi.


Forts & Frontiers Battles, our miniatures scenario system, will see two releases this year; one spanning the French & Indian War; and the other Pontiac’s Rebellion. Both releases will present definitive historic skirmishes and battles in a lively, narrative format steeped in story and able to be played with any number of rulesets — from favorites like Muskets & Tomahawks to the newly released Rebels and Patriots.


As the Forts & Frontiers line grows, players will be able to pick and choose from products based on the types of games they like to play. Big battles, skirmishes, and roleplaying will all be possible. What’s more, players will be able to combine Forts & Frontiers and Forts & Frontiers Battles to play out sweeping narratives from the grand scale down to the individual character.


For those of you who have been following along over the past year or so, we know that this has been a long time coming. For those of you that have not, welcome! For new and old alike, we’ll be publishing weekly development updates from here on out as we playtest, illustrate, map, edit, and publish our first adventure modules and scenarios for Forts & Frontiers and Forts & Frontiers Battles.


Through all of this, we hope to create a community that shares our love of the history of 17th and 18th century North America and enjoyment in bringing that history to life through narrative play. So, join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or drop us a line at to let us know what you think and what you’d like to see from Campaign Games.