Founded by three friends in Brooklyn, New York, Campaign Games creates board, roleplaying, and war games with a focus on history and narrative play.

Here's a bit about the three of us...

Jameson Proctor is a husband, father, and lifelong gamer. He is a partner in and the executive technical director of a Brooklyn-based creative agency. Originally from the South, Jameson has been living, working, and gaming in Brooklyn for the past fifteen years.

Kimber VanRy and his family live in Brooklyn where he is the President of Metropolitan Wargamers in Brooklyn — New York City’s oldest historic miniatures, wargaming, and tabletop gaming community. Professionally, Kimber is director of sales for a major reseller of professional video, photo, and audio technology.

Marco Rafalà is a novelist and game writer. He has written for Star Trek Adventures and The One Ring Roleplaying Game. His debut novel, How Fires End, is forthcoming from Little A in 2019.

If you'd like to learn more about why we founded Campaign Games, check out this news post.